Surf City’s New Bridge

The Surf City swing bridge will soon be replaced by the new high rise, wide-span bridge. Groundbreaking occurred in October 2016 and officials say the new bridge will be open for traffic as soon as September 2019! The $54 million project will be constructed with concrete at a height of 65-feet and a length of 3,600 feet long. Though the swing bridge in Surf City has been a focal point of memories throughout the past 61 years, it has caused several traffic issues with vehicles and boats due to the bridge opening and closing causing delays. The new Surf City bridge will be built to such standards of easy flow. There will be a bicycle and pedestrian lane included on the new bridge providing ample amount of space to safely travel to and from the island. Another added bonus to that: the bicycle lane will be built wide enough to provide vehicles another lane to use in case of an emergency evacuation.  At the end of each side of the wide-span bridge will be roundabouts to help with the flow of traffic. Surf City will soon say their goodbyes to the memorable swing bridge, and welcome the new bridge.